Eriko Hattori

Upcoming Exhibitions
2021 P O R T A L S with Vanessa Adams, Neon Raspberry, Occidental, CA

Solo and Duo Exhibitions
2019 P O R T A L S with Vanessa Adams, Irma Freeman Center, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 February Window Artist, Small Mall, Pittsburgh, PA
2018 P O R T A L S with Vanessa Adams, Cult Party, Brooklyn, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2021 Swan Song, Phosphor Projects, Pittsburgh, PA
2021 DENATURED, Partners and Sons, Philadelphia, PA
2021 Change of Course, Brew House Association, Pittsburgh, PA
2021 Into the Light, AAP Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA
2020 Queer Ecologies, Irma Freeman Center for Imanigination, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 Queer Ecologies, The Future, Minneapolis, MN
2019 Public Property, Pop-Up Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 Fringe Benefits, CDCP Project Space, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 Mirror, Mirror, Pullproof Studios, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 We are Here, The Big Room at GPAC, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 GIFC Velvet Ropes, Martha’s Contemporary, Austin, TX
2019 GIFC Velvet Ropes, 0-0 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA